product design

Northeast Consulting Engineers, Inc. assists major corporations and small companies in product design and development. The company utilizes Autodesk AutoCAD® drawing software and Autodesk® Simulation Multiphysics software. Northeast Consulting Engineers, Inc. maintains state of the art computer facilities. Design analysis typically includes stress and dynamic analysis, low and high cycle fatigue analysis, thermal analysis, forced vibration, and random vibration.

Examples of typical products include:
  • Flowmeters
  • Dumpsters
  • Extension Ladder Locks
  • Underground Shelters
  • Automotive fans and blowers
  • Automotive radiator shrouds
  • Air conditioning equipment fans
  • Plastic shopping carts
  • Medical devices
  • Underground shelters
  • Ozone catalytic converters
  • Window frames
  • Window latches
  • Step ladder top caps
  • Bowling pins
  • Stormwater hydrodynamic separation chambers
  • Laser mounting brackets
  • Automotive brake pedals
  • Automotive visor brackets
  • Earth houses
  • Dual Powder Loading Station
  • Yoke Lift Device for 35.4 tons